Create a New Purchase Order with a Purchase Order Generator

To generate a new purchase order by using the Purchase order generator:

1. From the Codejig ERP Main menu go to the Purchase module and click Purchase order generator.
A listing page of generation entries opens.

2. On a listing page, click +Add new button.
You are taken to the page to generate the new purchase order(s).

3. In the General area select the warehouse that you want to repurchase some goods for.

Select a warehouse from a drop-down list in the Warehouse field.

One of the main criteria to create a purchase order generator entry is a warehouse which you aim to refill with missing goods. Based on this, you create a separate purchase order generator entry for each warehouse in the system.

4. After selecting the warehouse, click the Check stock button.

The system will create a list of goods which quantity on particular warehouse is below preset Minimal quantity. The list will be compiled in the Increase in stock tab.

The number of goods to compare with the minimum quantity is calculated as:

The number of goods In stock + Number of Expected goods – Number of goods Reserved by customers.

5. Fill all the required fields of the Increase in stock section. After filling in all the required information, click the Save button. 

The system will save all the entered information and make a purchase order generator entry on its listing page. 

6. When fields of Increase in stock tab are completely filled with all the goods that have to be repurchased, click the Generate orders button.

The system will offer a list of completely filled purchase orders in the Generated orders tab, where items will be sorted according to the Vendor, e.g. goods that are assigned to one vendor, will be put to one purchase order document. Purchase invoices will also be saved on the Purchase invoices page in Purchase module.

In order to input generated purchase orders to the system, you will have to post them manually.

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