Fixed Asset Info Report: Default Summarizing

The basic Fixed asset info report summarizes in columns the following data for each active fixed asset, that you may use in any combination and order


  • Fixed asset - General name for the group of fixed assets of one type.
  • Fixed asset account - Bookkeeping account that fixed asset belongs to.
  • Depreciation account - Bookkeeping account that depreciation accrued for the asset belongs to.
  • Expense account - Bookkeeping account that expenses connected with the asset belong to.
  • Commissioning date - Date when the asset was commissioned.
  • Method of depreciation - Method for depreciation accrual.
  • Responsible person - Employee of the company responsible for the asset.
  • The initial period of depreciation - an Entire period of depreciation predefined for each asset for depreciation accrual.
  • Used period of depreciation - Period of depreciation that is accumulated on the date of the report.
  • Last month of depreciation - Last month of depreciation accrual for the particular asset.
  • Initial value - Initial value of the fixed asset, defined for depreciation accrual.
  • Accrued depreciation - Amount of depreciation accrued on a date of the report according to the chosen depreciation method.
  • Salvage value - Salvage value of the fixed asset, defined for depreciation accrual.
  • Residual value - the Residual value of the fixed asset, defined for depreciation accrual.


The amounts are worked out by summing the original/primary values (using the SUM function). The summarized amounts are presented in your system currency


Note: Summary values are displayed at each level of the report hierarchy and at the grand total level. If no summary value is available for a certain level, nothing is displayed for it.


The default summarizing settings are defined in the values section of the Fixed asset info report. To define the summarizing methods, the summable fields have been added and summarizing options have been specified for them. Except for specific reports that do not provide for full customization (see Customizing Reports), you can change the summable fields and the summarizing methods for your reports. In case of Fixed asset info report, you are allowed to do that.


To customize the default summarizing parameters:

  1. On the page for configuring report parameters, click the Customize button.
  2. Use the values section to view and customize the default summable fields and summarizing methods defined for them.


You can delete, rearrange, add new summable fields and specify summarizing methods for them.


For information how to customize summarizing settings, see Summarizing Report Data.


To add a summable field:

  • In the values section, click the Select an option box, and then select a summable field from the list of options.


The list displays summable fields from the selected report type which you can use to summarize report data in columns.

The SUM function is selected as a default summarizing method for fields if other is not specified in the field next to certain parameter.


In case it is necessary to change the summarizing method, you do that as follows:

  • Click the calculation option box to the right of the field, and then select one of the available summarizing options from the list.


For summarizing options, see Summarizing methods/ Summary functions.


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