Fixed Asset Info Report

The Fixed asset info report provides comprehensive details about your fixed assets depreciation parameters including its Initial, Residual, Salvage values and Accrued depreciation, along with depreciation methods, depreciation periods etc.

You specify the period/date range of the report to limit the scope of the fixed assets analysis. The report fetches the data for the analysis from the Asset journal and Asset properties journal.

The basic Fixed asset info report by default is built based on specific types of fixed assets according to their inventory numbers. Any parameters specified in the report are parameters that have opening balance as of a start date of the report or have been used for transactions connected with fixed assets during a specified report date range. For each item presented, the report summarizes and defines the following data for a given period:

  • Fixed asset
  • Fixed asset account
  • Depreciation account
  • Expense account
  • Commissioning date
  • Method of depreciation
  • Responsible person
  • Initial period of depreciation
  • Used period of depreciation
  • Last month of depreciation
  • Initial value
  • Accrued depreciation
  • Salvage value
  • Residual value

Total balances and amounts are displayed at each level of the report and at the grand total level. If no data is available for certain levels, nothing is displayed for them. While moving to sublevels of the report, total amounts and balances are broken down into the amounts comprising the final total of the higher level.


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