Tree Structure

In Codejig ERP, created documents and records can be organized in a hierarchical tree-like structure to categorize those data files and establish relationships between them.  
Tree structure is a component/an element of the system that allows you to manage and organize files in a hierarchical structure. The tree structure is displayed on a listing page of a document or directory. It is an alternative way to represent the list of created documents and records. By default, the tree structure is not available for all documents and directories. It is present only for those sections of Codejig ERP for which it is the most reasonable to organize and display created files hierarchically.
For example, a tree structure is available for a chart of accounts since it is more convenient to see all accounts organized into groups, subcategories and categories instead of having them listed in a table.
The tree structure is present in the following sections of Codejig ERP:
  • Item
  • Chart of accounts
  • Balance item
  • Profit center
You can manage a tree structure by expanding or collapsing it, reorganizing the position of its elements; creating, deleting and renaming folders, adding files to it.
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