Manage Listing Pages

A Listing page is a table that contains the summary of created documents or records in the form of table entries.
Listing page is the first page you are taken to when you access any section of Codejig ERP. From it, you go to a page for defining new documents, reports or other records.
On the listing page, you can manage both separate table entries or a table as a whole. Also, you can manage documents or records represented by the tables entries. Overall, you can perform the following actions on listing pages:
  • Post and unpost documents
  • Download data files or table entries representing them
  • Export table entries or data files
  • Print table entries
  • Share a listing page
  • Delete data files
  • Copy data files
  • Load all table entries
  • Unhide columns presenting merely informative details 
  • Organize table entries in a tree structure
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