Modernization: Used Goods Section

Use the fields of this tab to fill in the information on which goods or services are used in modernization.

Numbers next to the name of sub-tab present the number of items it consists.

Used items sub-tab


Used to


Select the name of the item from a drop-down list or create a new one.


Unit of measurement for a selected item. When you fill in the Item field, the system will fill in the Unit field accordingly.


Name of the warehouse, where the item required for modernization is supposed to be kept at the moment.

In stock with documents

Number of items of your choice that belong to your company and are in stock and have been documented.


Number of items that are involved in modernization.


Cost of modernization based on the information from previously filled in fields.


Not all line item fields are displayed by default. To enable such fields, you have to turn on the extended mode for line item by clicking the More button above the list of items


On enabling the extended mode, the following field appears:


Used to

Inventory account

Account in a chart of accounts that the item of your choice belongs to.

Warehouse section

Additionally specify the section of the warehouse that assets are supposed to be kept at the moment.


If you want to turn off the extended mode, click the Less button.


Note: After turning off the extended mode, advanced item details will persist.

Used services sub-tab


Used to

Expense account

Account in the chart of accounts that expenses on the asset belong to.

Closed amount

Amount spent on the asset modernization.

Balance amount

Additional informational field. Shows the balance of amount on the expense account, chosen earlier. Filled in automatically by the system.


More information

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