Modernization: General Area

You may use the fields of the general area to add data that is relevant to entire modernization record.


Fixed assets area


Used for

Inventory number

Unique number of the asset in the system, previously assigned to it when the asset was input in the system. Choose one from a drop-down list or create a new one. In case you click on Create new, you will be taken to the page of adding new Inventory number.

It is also recommended to create the inventory number and assign it to the type of the fixed asset prior to performing any kind of actions with the fixed asset.

Fixed asset

Select the name of the inventory item from a drop-down list or create a new one.


Period of depreciation area


Used for

Initial period of depreciation

Chose the date from a calendar when depreciation period of the asset has begun.

Used period of depreciation

Period of depreciation that has already passed since the asset was recognized in the system.

Residual period of depreciation

Period of the useful life of the asset, that is left until its derecognition.


When inventory number is chosen, the system will automatically fill in fields Fixed asset, Initial period of depreciation and Used period of depreciation. Hence, when the Fixed asset field is filled in first, no other fields will be filled in by the system. It will only select specific inventory numbers for the chosen Fixed asset name.


Fields Initial period of depreciation and Used period of depreciation are auto-filled by the system.

Initial, used, and residual periods of depreciation are counted in months.


Used for


Document number (#) is assigned automatically when you save the modernization document based on the selected numerator.

Users with the appropriate permissions can override the auto-generated number and enter it manually.

After overriding the modernization document number, automated numbering will proceed in the same manner but using the manually set number as a start value.


Date field is automatically assigned the datetime when the new warehouse movement document was created.

Date field indicates the posting datetime, the document datetime as well as the datetime when the movement is to take place or when it took place.

You can override the auto-generated datetime and enter it manually.

  • It is a required field. If document date is not specified, you will not be able to save the document.

Total amount of modernization

Total amount of the modernization measures, that includes taxes, discounts if applicable and other additional costs. The field is calculated automatically by the system and can not be changed manually.


Add any extra details regarding the modernization if needed.


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