Manage Auto-Generated Write-Off of Deferred Expenses

Although the write-off of deferred expense is performed automatically once a month, you can view and edit created documents that trigger the write-off process. The documents can be also deleted, unposted or created manually if necessary as other regular documents in the system.
For instruction how to modify the documents in Codejig ERP, see Modify Data.
If you delete or unpost auto-generated documents, all the accounting changes caused by them are reverted.
If you edit them, the documents get unposted and then posted once again with changes introduced. So when you modify the auto-generated documents, their posting entries also change.
Deleting, unposting or updating a posted write-off document causes batch reposting of all other write-off documents alongside with other document created across the system that have later posting date and time with adjustment being introduced to them based on the changes made to updated document or taking into account the fact that a document was deleted or unposted, so one of the periodical write-offs was cancelled.
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