Manually Trigger the Write-Off of Deferred Expenses

If necessary you can manually trigger the write-off of deferred expenses process. To do that, manually create a write-off document.
To create a write-off document
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, go to the Accountant module, and then select  Write-off of deferred expenses.
A listing page of the Write-off of deferred expenses document opens. 
2. On the listing page, click + Add new.
You are taken to a page for entering details of a new write-off document. The page consists only of the General area. 
3. Select a month of a year for which a portion of deferred expenses should be written off. Provide data in other fields as needed.
Note: You cannot run the write-off procedure for the same month several times. So, you can create only one write-off document for one month. If you try to create several write-off documents for one month (even of they will be dated differently), an error will occur and the subsequent documents will not be saved.
4. Click Save.  
Note: To be able to save the document, you have to fill in the required fields which are marked with an asterisk (*).
Manually created write-off document is not automatically posted. Thus, it does not make an impact on the system yet. For the document to take effect, you have to post it.

For information how to post documents, see Post and Unpost Documents.

To view postings the document has made, click the Register button on the listing page next to a table entry representing this document or click the Registers icon on the toolbar on the form page of the document.

More information
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