VAT Number: General Area

 The VAT Registration document comprises the following fields:



Used for


Country in which you registered for VAT/ in which you canceled your VAT registration.

Information about your country of registration is particularly pertinent to the determination of the type of VAT transaction for each sales or purchase event (whether it is a cross-border or domestic transaction). The system establishes the type of transaction by comparing your country of registration with a registration country of your customer/vendor (in case they are taxable persons; if they are non-taxable persons, the system compares your registration country with their countries of establishment). If registration countries are the same, the system designates the transaction type as a domestic transaction; if countries under comparison are different countries, it is a cross-border transaction. After determining the VAT transaction type, the system establishes the place of supply (where VAT has to be charged) and adjusts VAT rates available for use for a particular business situation correspondingly, also providing for specific cases of irregular VAT treatment of particular types of goods/services.

For information how to specify that your business partner is a VAT payer, see Company: VAT Tab

VAT number

Your VAT registration number.

In subsequent sales and purchase documents, indicated VAT number will perform a function of registration country identifier and will be used for filtering VAT rates applicable in a particular business. 

Even when you create a new VAT registration document after the cancellation of registration, you should also enter the VAT number you were originally assigned while registering for VAT.

VAT office

Select a VAT office with which you registered for VAT/ canceled registration from the list of VAT offices created earlier or add a new one.

You submit your VAT declarations and payments to this office.

Active option

Turn on this option to indicate that you are registered for VAT and to activate VAT functionality in Codejig ERP. Keep it turned off to deactivate tax-related features after registration cancellation. By default, the option is turned off.

Date from 

Your registration date/ de-registration date.

Date from field is automatically assigned the datetime when the document was created.


Document number (#) is assigned automatically when you save the VAT registration document based on the selected numerator.

Only users with the appropriate permissions can override the auto-generated number and enter it manually.

After overriding the document number, automated numbering will proceed in the same manner but using the manually set number as a start value.


Date field is automatically assigned the datetime when the document was created. However, you can override the auto-generated date and enter it manually.The field also designates the posting datetime and the document datetime.


 Add any extra details or comments about your VAT registration.

Add any additional files or external links related to the VAT registration document.

  • You can upload images, text files, PDF files, spreadsheets, compressed files and other data files (for example, CSV and XML files).
  • You can download uploaded attachments to your device by clicking a file name. 
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