VAT Number

If you register your company as a VAT-payer, it assumes certain VAT responsibilities and becomes eligible for the return of VAT.  As a result, you will be obliged to include VAT in your prices, file VAT declarations and maintain corresponding accounting records. To enable such VAT-related functionality in Codejig ERP, you must create a VAT registration document once you are registered for VAT.
Note: Information for the VAT registration document must be taken from a VAT registration certificate you receive from tax authorities.
For the VAT registration document to exercise any influence on the system, it must be posted. The posting impacts the VAT registration journal. Information from this journal is used by sales documents.  
Upon creating and posting the VAT registration document,  you can add VAT to your sales documents, and it will be automatically calculated for all the documents with the document date later than the VAT registration date based on relevant VAT rates.
If you register for VAT in other countries, the VAT registration document representing this fact will adjust VAT rates accordingly.
Based on information about your country/countries of VAT registration and registration countries of your customers or vendors (if they are taxable persons) Codejig ERP automatically identifies a correct type of VAT transaction for each sales or purchase event (cross-border transactions/ domestic transactions) and determines a country in which you have to charge VAT on items (the place of supply). Then, the system automatically suggests correct country-specific VAT rates for use. Codejig ERP also handles VAT treatment of goods or services provided to non-taxable persons within the EU as well as VAT for telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services. For detailed information about VAT rates suggested for use in each specific VAT situation, see the explication of the VAT field for any sales process document
If you are no longer eligible to be registered as a VAT-payer, you must cancel your registration. It also has to be reflected in the system with the help of a new VAT registration document. Then VAT-related features will be unavailable for all the subsequent documents and will not influence your accounting transactions any longer. However, the cancellation will not affect the documents created before the de-registration date.
Note: It is forbidden to deregister for VAT using the same document with which you registered for it. If you modify the original VAT registration document to reflect the cancellation of VAT registration, all VAT-related elements will be eliminated from the existing documents and the transactions triggered by them will be reverted.
To go to the VAT Registration
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the VAT tab.
  2. Under the VAT tab, click VAT Registration.


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