VAT Office

If you are registered for VAT, you have certain VAT responsibilities, such as submitting VAT declarations and paying any due VAT, along with being entitled to reclaiming or reimbursing VAT. At the other end of the VAT system are taxation authorities that are responsible for collecting your VAT payments, returning VAT on purchases and in general dealing with your tax affairs. On the level of a VAT-payer, tax authorities are represented by a tax office with which your company is associated. You journal with the tax office, pay any VAT due to it, submit VAT declarations to the office, reclaim VAT from it as well as cancel your VAT registration.
Normally, you journal with the tax office in the country where your business is established. However, if you sell goods or telecommunication services to consumers in other EU countries, you need to journal there too. Your VAT responsibilities towards tax offices with which you are registered in other EU countries are identical to the responsibilities towards the home tax office - you are obliged to submit VAT declarations to them and pay any VAT due at the rates applicable in those countries.
To go to the Tax office
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the VAT tab.
  2. Under the VAT tab, click Tax office.
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