Core 4.33 Bohdana - 11.07.2022

New features:

  • Progressive Web Apps support
  • iOS support: native App can be created based on a Codejig App
  • Transpilation to ECMAScript 5: a developer can disable or enable Babel JavaScript transformation
  • Collections: dynamic data load when a new row entry is added, custom Create New action
  • Table view: custom formatters for string type columns

Fixes and improvements:

  • CJ Blocks: tree behavior enhancements, show/hide App tab call, show object modal window call
  • API: decimal number serialization
  • Time and Date: time zone issues
  • Reports: aggregate function sort direction, the header on narrow screens
  • Import/Export: data with dynamic fields, decimal number scale
  • UI: modal window name, Safari artifacts, button hint icon
  • Web view: on load action messages
  • Merge tool: entity type references