Core 4.34 Zuzana - 24.08.2022

New features:

  • Application push notifications
  • Active Directory login provider
  • Progressive Web Apps support for development deployment instances
  • CJ Block editor: card view item manipulation via UI blocks
  • Card view: loaded action
  • Loaded action: possible override in views
  • Spreadsheet import and export: translatable text fields can be imported or exported as a range of columns corresponding to different languages

Fixes and improvements:

  • Merge tool: seed instance merge null pointer exception, favicon issues
  • Decimals: precision on the client side, scaling issues in journals, and embedded collection export
  • API: URL encoding issue
  • Reports: seed instance creation
  • Card view: instance update, filtering, and rendering
  • CJ Blocks: show initially hidden tab
  • CJ Blocks editor: navigation tree issues
  • Table view: collection field display
  • Virtual collections: after server action updates with filters
  • Transient text fields: no size validation