Core 4.32 Stugna - 10.05.2022

New features:

  • Android support: native android App can be created based on a Codejig App
  • CJ Blocks new server-side system functions: local user password change, JSON from text, set a field to JSON, get a field from JSON, add JSON array node
  • Text view: automatic update when a new App language is added

Fixes and improvements:

  • Table view: column end align, open transient instance action, improved system logic related to row instance update, including rowLoad action calls
  • Seed instances: read-only for App entries
  • Builder messages: broadcast improvements, multiple nested modal windows
  • Files and uploads: input enable & disable actions
  • Table view: new row field updates
  • CJ Blocks: disabled code-related errors, correct and bad items highlighting at App build
  • Build button: false rebuild indicator
  • App documents: posted state update in tables
  • Theme editor: default button update
  • Fields: set required block for fields without label
  • Webform view: HTML input update
  • CJ tabs: empty fill function dropdown
  • Reports: value formatters
  • The new App version is loading message