Core 4.31 Ukraїna - 24.03.2022

New features:

  • App Users: custom login page & redirect URL, captcha support, Block functions (login, logout, addUser, and isCaptchaNeeded)
  • Card View: select and delete user actions
  • Webpage View: messages attached to a UI item, plain HTML enhancements
  • Table View: custom header height and multiline row title
  • Reports: column width saved on a browser-side
  • Virtual Collection: RowClick and RowClicked events

Fixes and improvements:

  • Table View: sorting, pagination, column deletion, and comment editing
  • Date & Time: day of the month from local date
  • Reports: escaped quotes
  • Blocks: onFieldValidate action, logic_compare block, auto-rename, function attributes
  • RTL support: builder side display issues
  • App settings menu
  • Dependency modal links