Номер основного засобу: Код

Under this tab, you can generate or upload a QR code for the fixed asset.


Used to

QR data


Information based on which a QR code will be generated.

  • The field is automatically populated with the data specified in the fields Inventory number and Fixed asset. However, you can modify the autocompleted value if necessary. 
  • You can enter any free text, URL, contact or phone as a QR data.
  • Codejig QR code data capacity - max. 4296 characters.

Generate button

Click the button to generate the QR code based on the QR data provided. 

QR code

Displays the generated QR code. 

  • QR code will not be generated unless you fill in both fields Inventory number and Fixed asset in the General area. 
  • If you already have created a QR code with any other software, you can upload it as a *.jpg file by browsing your device or inserting an external link to the file.
  • After generating the QR code, you may download it to your device.
  • You may delete the generated QR code by clicking the Cross icon next to the name of the *.jpg file.
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