Присвоєння номера

Inventory number is a unique number assigned to each fixed asset in the system. It is used to manage fixed assets, keep track of their availability, useful life period, depreciation and aging. Inventory numbers help you to efficiently accumulate depreciation costs for each fixed asset depending on the date of its acquisition as well as to facilitate modernization, write-off or derecognition processes. Also, inventory numbers enable you to distinguish between different fixed assets belonging to the same type, e.g. computers, equipment, vehicles, etc. and allow you to assign a fixed asset to a particular employee.

It is recommended to add new inventory numbers before recognizing an item as a fixed asset.

If necessary, you can generate a QR code for each fixed asset while creating inventory numbers. 

To go to the Inventory number
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Fixed assets tab.
  2. Under the Fixed assets tab, click Inventory number.


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