String Resources Page

Purpose of string resources is to provide internationalized text content for use in application. To create one, use "String Resources" section in main menu of builder. String resource can be either multilingual or not, and this is selected during creation of string resource. Then fill the key and value, and in case of multilingual one, change language in top bar and fill value in selected language.

Its possible to use placeholders "{N}", where is N is number value staring from 0. Placeholders can be filled in later, when using string resource in block editor.

To use string resource in block editor select "String" section in block list and drag "format" block. Then open "objects" and select string resource instance from tab "Multilingual String Resources" to drag into first argument of "format" block. String resource (in case of multilingual string resource - in user's language) will be applied into target, where block is connected.

To use placeholder parameter open block settings and drag appropriate quantity of placeholder connectors that match quantity of placeholders used in value of string resource.