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Interface and navigation in Builder are pretty much the same which you get in your application. This approach makes it easier to use Builder after being familiar with any application powered by Codejig platform. You can consider Builder as a custom application made by Builder itself.

App Builder: web based IDE (Integrated development environment) which allows users to create web applications.

Project menu: access multiple tools and editors of the App Builder for easy customization, configuration and development of your projects.

Header bar: publish your app instances and access the history of your development operations.

Navigation bar: easily navigate through the entire project.

Library: access learning materials such as step-by-step tutorials and instructional videos to improve your development process and maximize the quality of your app projects.

Components panel: select components and drag them to the working area to add them to a web page of your app project.

Properties panel: select a component on the working area to change its properties.

Working area: drag components from the components panel to the working area to add them to your web page of your app project.

Page settings panel: add extra features and configurations to the web page you are working on.

Type events panel: create and edit events for the type you are currently working on.

Block panel: find and drag blocks grouped by categories to the working area. Properly connect them to form a specific event.

Data panel: find and easily access all of the variables and fields needed to form your event.