Налаштувати компанію

To set up your company and indicate basic parameters for it
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, navigate to the Settings module, and then select My company settings.
A page for entering information about your company and specifying settings for it opens.
2. In the General Area, provide a name and business ID of your company, upload its logo. 
3. Under the Contacts tab, provide the company’s address information, its phone number, website address and bank account details. 
4. Under the Main information tab, define currency settings for your company, indicate a date for opening balances and select an inventory valuation method.
6. Under the Accounting tab, overview or change default accounts for your organization to which its daily transactions will be assigned.
7. Under the VAT registration tab, see the summary of the added and posted VAT registration document if your company is registered for VAT and you have created the VAT registration document.
8. Under the Preferences tab, you can define inventory management settings and configure the use of the Delivery and Goods and services receipt documents.  
9. Under the Settings tab, define parameters for enabling e-invoicing in the system, configure printing settings, and specify a web service from which exchange rates will be fetched in real time. 
10. Click Save. 
The page for specifying key parameters for your company consists of the following sections:
  • General area
  • Contacts tab
  • Main information tab
  • Accounting tab
  • VAT registration tab
  • Preferences tab
  • Settings tab

To be able to save the settings, you have to fill in the required fields which are marked with an asterisk (*). 

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