Account Details: Account Turnovers and Balances

Use this tab to see all transaction recorded in/posted to the account over a specified period of time and account balances after each transaction. Also, under this tab you can check account opening and closing balances as of specific dates as well as its total credit and debit turnovers for a given period of time.

The Account Turnovers and Balances Tab is a balance report providing a detailed overview for each account transaction as well as summarizing account total balances. You have to indicate start and end dates for the report to limit the scope of the analysis. You cannot modify or delete any report data.
The report is not available for newly created accounts as there is no data to be processed by the report yet. Only when certain transactions are recorded to this account, the report retrieves and analyzes information from those transactions and render this data in the generated table.  
To generate the report
1. Set a report start date in the field Date from.
2. Set a report end date in the field Date to.
For the period indicated, account total balances and turnovers are provided in the following fields:


Used for displaying

Initial balance

Account balance as of the report start date.

Total amount Dt

Total debit account turnovers for a given period.

Total amount Ct

Total credit account turnovers for a given period.


Account balance as of the report end date.

Each transaction that was recorded in the account over the specified period of time is displayed as a line item in a table. The following details are provided about each transaction:


Used for displaying


Date of a transaction.


Document that caused the transaction.


Additional details about the transaction.

For example, analytics for a transaction recorded in an inventory account may show which specific item was recorded to the inventory account.   


Currency of the transaction.

Amount Dt

Amount in the system default currency with which the account is debited, if it is a debit transaction.

Amount Ct

Amount in the system default currency with which the account is credited, if it is a credit transaction.


Account running balance after the transaction.

The balance after the transaction is calculated in relation to transactions preceding this transaction by date.

For example, you have an inventory account with a balance of 2 000 EUR, and then you sell 700 EUR worth of inventory. The corresponding credit transaction is recorded in the account. 

The system will work out the balance after this transaction as follows:

It will subtract 700 from 2 000 and place a new balance of 1 300 next to that transaction.

However, not all line item fields are displayed by default. To enable such fields, you have to turn on the extended mode for line item by clicking the More button above the list of items/ top-right of a table.
On enabling the extended mode, the following fields appear:


Used for displaying

Corresponding account

A contra account with which this specific account is paired and to which the opposite transaction was made.

Corresponding analytics

Additional details of the opposite transaction made to the contra account.

You can filter transactions appearing in the report. You can do that with the help of the default filtering functionality. However, then the running balance will not be recalculated to accord only with the transactions rendered in the report. The running balance will be calculated taken into account all transactions, even those that are excluded from the report.
For the running balance to be worked out based only on the displayed transactions, apply filters using the following filter fields:

Filter field

Impact on the report


Displays transactions triggered by a selected document. Other transactions are left aside.


Displays transactions that have the selected analytics. Other transactions are left aside.


Displays transactions that are in the selected currency. Other transactions are left aside.

You can apply several filters at a time if necessary. Total balances and turnovers will be recalculated as well.