Core 4.45 Zoryana - 06.11.2023

New features:

  • Merge tool: added mode that allows merge between different version instances
  • Binary fields: type-defined permission usage for field identifier-based requests
  • Web page view: added clone function
  • Groups: added group-dependent serial number sequences

Fixes and improvements:

  • Groups: fixed no-string-view item created within an inaccessible group
  • Data sources: fixed uneditable data source
  • Text resources: the build button now turns orange after adding a new text resource
  • Transient fields: fixed serialization, issue with null pointer exception on export or update
  • Block editor: improved performance of block editor page load and code view, fixed custom code block output change
  • Decimals: fixed field scaling for card view and custom actions
  • Table filters: bugs related to wrong filters after page reload, page not loading, load actions, table reload after server action with no filter changed
  • System name: fixed incorrect built views and blocks after field system name change for an embedded data type
  • LDAP: login improvements, fixed null language issue
  • Babel: the transform is disabled by default
  • System instances: solved bugs related to system instance index page update and folders tree not opening
  • Text fields: client-side code escaped text field values
  • Type details page: fixed dropdown positioned beyond screen upper edge
  • Document posting: fixed deadlock after saving a non-posted document with post-on-save turned on
  • Application deployment: improved application-has-been-published modal
  • HTML string editor: upgraded summernote tools, fixed bugs
  • Merge tool: fixed illegal argument exception on an attempt to create or delete an event with a null entity
  • Localization: solved problem with empty labels in one-language applications