Core 4.44 Ptashka - 31.08.2023

New features:

  • Application start: added CJ Block automatically launched on application start
  • Web socket connection: new application configuration option to enable web socket heartbeat
  • Load CJ Block: active table filters are passed to the context
  • Journals: added filtering and visible column management tools in journal entry tables
  • Tree view: added group filter for related tables

Fixes and improvements:

  • Error messages: Improved non-unique serial number message text
  • Page navigation: fixed wrong URL redirection after saving
  • Embedded table: show hidden column with an active row in edit mode
  • App builder: fixed automatic version downgrade after a restart
  • Merge tool: improved the modal window shown when an entry can't be deleted due to existing references
  • User management page: fixed bug related to filtering
  • Serial numbers: solved issues with application serial number generators
  • Decimals: improved arithmetic operation rounding and precision
  • Type details page: issues related to fill functions with no result type
  • CJ Blocks editor: fixed immovable block issue
  • Web page editor: fixed bugs with dynamic field usage in custom tags