Core 4.43 Vlasta - 27.07.2023

New features:

  • CJ Blocks: database query option to define the type of group, aggregate block, and report aggregate value
  • Groups: top-level content filtering mechanism based on the group system shared field value
  • Application deployment: multiple application instance deployment, added application status icon explanations
  • Change log: pagination

Fixes and improvements:

  • Menu loaded action: support on system pages, solved problems with action \ function usage
  • Table view: fixed thin column and embedded table scrolling bugs
  • Table view editor: fixed bug related to preview for month primitive data type field
  • CJ Blocks editor: fixed bug with ctrl+z shortcut in Chrome
  • Spreadsheet export: fixed bugs related to export from the index page opened in another tab and permission check for selected row export in the embedded table
  • UI: added missing modal window button text translations
  • Merge tool: improved labels for field actions, fixed bugs with system instance link and subsequent merge of custom route block
  • Document posting: group-related optimizations, fixed untracked changes modal issue after post \ unpost