Core 4.46 Berta - 10.01.2024

New features:

  • Reports: added switch to show \ hide totals
  • Block editor: added block for real-to-integer conversion by using one of round, truncate, floor, or ceil functions
  • Web sockets: custom server-to-client messages
  • Card view: usage for regular non-primitive fields

Fixes and improvements:

  • Block editor: fixed issues with escaped characters after client-side string concatenation, improved code generation for dynamic fields
  • ActiveMQ: libraries updated
  • Merge tool: fixed alphabetical sorting when Cyrillic characters are present
  • Localization: messages translated
  • Spreadsheet export: improved performance, fixed export of transient field values
  • Text input: fixed on-change action triggering
  • Tree view: fixed bug with new folder creation
  • LDAP: fixed user search filter, domain user groups
  • Modal window: fixed misplaced close icon
  • Table: fixed issues with an uninitialized virtual table in loaded action