Core 4.27 Viktoria - 25.08.2021

New features:

  • Data sources and external types. Previously it was possible to connect to external databases by using Java code only and manually process the result of the query, typically by copying the retrieved value to objects of data type defined in the App Builder. Current version allows storing of database connections as data sources, mapping of database table to "external" types and mapping of database columns to type fields. Once external type has been defined it can be used in code (CJ blocks) in the same way as other App Builder data types. All CRUD operations are supported. At the moment this functionality is in the beta stage and should be used only for evaluation purposes. Both automatic generation and editing of UI for external types is not fully implemented yet and will likely appear in the next version. The development team works on providing connectivity from cloud applications to databases located behind firewall.

Fixed bugs with:

  • Paste icon appearing  in binary inputs in read-only mode
  • Collision between App Builder suggestion in Navigate search and Chrome auto-suggestions
  • Misplaced S and C icons in Navigate window
  • Misplaced delete icon on separator in web page editor
  • incorrect behaviour of virtual collection with row create / update and display of record quantity
  • Misplaced "go to" icon in custom list view
  • Last "total" column not appearing in reports exported to Excel file
  • Close icon not working properly in cj tab opened for viewing of posted records
  • Null pointer exception on rendering pdf
  • Displayed filter name not matching column header
  • "Load 0 more" appearing in filtered collections
  • Properties not set on Enter hit in a web page editor


  • Data panel in block editor shows currently selected section more clearly
  • Search text in data panel is not cleared during switching between sections
  • All CJ blocks, including function invocations, show their signature on mouse hover
  • Context menu on is displayed in a uniform way on variable declaration and set / get blocks
  • Help button in context menu has been linked with relevant help content for most of the blocks
  • Improved declaration of the map block
  • Added ability to select multiple fields in data panel by mouse click while holding Ctrl and use selection in GET / SET operations
  • Added a few hints for new users in block editor
  • Reorganized main App Builder menu
  • Add ability to iterate over map with keys
  • Improved display of built-in quick tips
  • Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z works as Undo/Redo in a web page editor