Core 4.26 Xenia - 12.07.2021

New features:

  • CJ Blocks new puzzles: get parent, get children, is a folder
  • External file support in document templates
  • Return collections from API methods
  • CJ Blocks: trigger Import from a spreadsheet

Fixed bugs with:

  • Report scrollbars
  • Journal sorting
  • Document templates
  • Table filters
  • Merge of views with attachments
  • Merge of types that already exist in a different App Builder project
  • Merge of CSS themes
  • Merge of shared fields
  • Field inputs and header in the Web page editor
  • PDF rendering


  • Faster dynamic data loading in tables
  • CJ Blocks open in the same tab option
  • Quick tips and tutorials in the Library section
  • Tooltip property instead of the comment
  • Upgraded IconPicker
  • Left menu look and feel
  • URL validation in the App routes