Clone Purchase Documents

In Codejig ERP, you can copy existing purchase documents and create their duplicates by using the Clone function.

The Clone function together with the Create function belongs to the standard copying capabilities of Codejig ERP. The function allows you to clone a specific document or record and create exactly the same copy of it by transferring data from the original file to the document/record created based on it.

For example, you can clone an existing purchase order and create as many copies of it as necessary.

Note: You can clone one and the same data file for the unlimited number of times. 

To clone a purchase order

1. Navigate to the Purchase order document.

2. On the listing page of the document, locate a purchase order you wish to clone and open it. 

3. On the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow beside the document name.

Note: The Clone command is available only for saved documents/records.

4. On the Actions menu, click Clone.
As a result, a duplicate of the original purchase order is created. All data, except a date and a serial number of the original data file, is copied and transferred to the duplicated purchase order. However, you can change any copied values if necessary. 
5. On the form page of the duplicated document, click Save
The Clone function is available for all purchase process and purchase-related documents as well as for all other data types in the system.

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