Go to Data Files Displayed on the List

You can open documents or records displayed as selection options on the list and view or modify their details. For example, you can go to a specific warehouse record from the Warehouse dropdown list field. To do that:

  1. Open the list by clicking an arrow next to the Warehouse field.
  2. Select a warehouse from available options.

The warehouse appears in the field.

  1. Hover the Warehouse field with a cursor, and then click the Redirect icon that appears in the right corner of the field.

A new tab opens in your browser. You are taken to the warehouse record created in the Warehouse directory. Meanwhile, the page from which you accessed this record remains open in another tab. Information entered in it is not saved automatically.

  1. Examine or update the record.

If you introduce any changes to data in the record that is used to form the view of the selection option, for example, rename the warehouse, such changes will be automatically reflected on the list.

Note: For the data to be updated on the list, you do not have to refresh the page containing the dropdown list field. While refreshing the page you will lose all information you have entered unless you have saved it before that.


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