Drop-Down List Fields

Two types of fields are distinguished in Codejig ERP:

  • Regular fields - fields in which you manually enter certain data (e.g. Phone number field, Name field, Price field, etc.)
  • Dropdown list fields - list boxes that allow you to choose one option from the list. 

In Codejig ERP, all dropdown list fields are created with reference to specific documents or directories. Such fields display records or documents created within particular sections of the system. For example, the field Warehouse that is used across various documents refers to the directory Warehouse. It lists all warehouse records created in the Warehouse directory. Or, the field Customer which allows you to select a specific customer from the list of customers added to the system. So, when you create a new document or record in the system, this data file will be displayed as an option on the list of the field that refers to a document or directory in which this data file has been created.   

List Field Functions

Dropdown list fields have the following functions:

  • Create new - you can create new data files directly from the list by clicking Create New. 
  • Go to - you can open an associated document or record that is displayed on the list by clicking the Redirect icon. 
  • Clear the selection - after selecting a certain option from the list, you can clear the selection instead of choosing other options by clicking the Delete icon. 

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