Create New Data Files from the Drop-Down List Field

Drop-down list fields allow you to choose one of multiple options from the list. They are created with reference to specific documents and directories in Codejig ERP and display data files created within a section of the system to which a particular field refers. For instance, the field Bank account displays the list of all bank accounts recorded in the system in the Bank account directory.

In addition to selecting existing documents or records, you can create new data files directly from the list. When you create data files from a dropdown list field, you are taken to a document/directory with reference to which the field was created. The document/directory opens in a new tab.

Note: You are taken directly to a page for defining a new document or record, not to the listing page of the document/directory. So, there is no need to return to the listing page to once again access the form page from it.

There you can create a new record or document, and then return to the page containing the field from which you created the file. The file automatically appears on the list.

For example, while setting up your company in the My company setting section of the system, you can create a new bank account from the Bank account field. To do that

  1. Open the list by clicking an arrow next to the Bank account field.
  2. On the list, click the Create new option.

A new tab opens in your browser. You are taken to a form page for defining a new bank account. Meanwhile, the page from which you accessed this form remains open in another tab. Information entered in it is not saved automatically.

Note: Codejig ERP allows you to work simultaneously in multiple tabs. All open tabs remain active and can be returned to at any time. However, when a new tab opens information is not automatically saved in documents or records in other tabs.

  1. Enter bank account details in the suggested fields, and then click Save.

The new bank account is added to the system.

  1. Return to the My company settings page.

Warning: Do not click the Return arrow. It will not bring you back to the My company settings page. Instead, listing page of the Bank account directory will open. To return to My company settings, navigate through your open tabs.

  1. On the page, open the list of Bank accounts.

The newly created bank account is displayed on the list.

Note: For the data file to appear on the list, you do not have to refresh the page containing the drop-down list field. While refreshing the page you will lose all information you have entered unless you have saved it before that.

  1. Select the new bank account.

Still there are some drop-down list fields that do not allow to create new files directly from them. These fields usually contain data that don't require to create new files.


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