Update Sales Documents

After you create a sales document, you can modify or update it at any time, even if you have already posted it or created other sales documents based on it. You can introduce any modifications to sales documents.
Updating the sales document will not affect data entered in the other documents created from it. Editing fields of the base sales document will not trigger the update of the fields in the document created with reference to it.
Updating Posted Sales Documents 
If you update a sales document which has made a posting affecting the Transaction journal or other journals, the sales document and all other documents created across the system with later posting date and time will get unposted, canceling all postings they have triggered, and then they will be automatically reposted making new accounting entries to the Transaction journal and other journals. The postings will be affected by the changes introduced to the document that has triggered the batch reposting. 
Note: Posting date and time is the current date and time when a sales document was created. 
For more information about posting and unposting documents, see Posting and Unposting Functionality

Update Restrictions
You can edit sales documents unless
  • Document date is earlier than the lock date defined in the Transaction locking section. 
  • You do not have permission to update sales documents.

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