Delete Companies

You can delete a company unless
  • It is referred to by other documents or records.
Documents and directories that refer to companies are the following: sales, purchase, banking documents and directories, VAT documents, the Initial balance document and the Manual transaction.
If you try to delete a company being referred to by other documents or records, you will get an error message.
If you still want to delete such company, you have to delete all documents and records that refer to it. Then you can try to delete this company once again.
To delete a company
  1. Under the CRM tab, click Company.
  1. On the Company listing page, select a table entry summarizing a company you want to delete by selecting a checkbox next to the table entry.
  1. Click the Selected button.
  1. On the Selected menu, click Delete, and then click Yes.
For other ways how to delete a company, see Deleting Data in Codejig ERP.
Companies, which are no longer your business partners but cannot be deleted for any reasons, can be deactivated. Inactive companies are not available for selection or use and are accessible only on the listing page of the Company directory.

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