Business Partners

As a company providing any kind of business, you may have connections with different vendors, clients, leads or interested parties and other legal entities and individuals.

Partners in Codejig ERP might be a Customer, a Vendor or Other. By the general rule, those are all other partners except for customers and vendors. Other type includes such partners as Banks, Tax offices etc.

Codejig ERP does not provide a separate module for business partners, although its directories may be found in other modules, such as Sales, Purchase, Banking, CRM etc. Specifically, Clients belong to the Sales module, Vendors – to Purchases, leads – to CRM. Banks, tax administrations and individuals are added to the system as others and may be found in respective modules.

Directories related to business partners of your company are a helpful tool to manage and maintain all relevant information and keep track of all settlements between you and your partners.

Information associated with partners, in general, includes a different combination of:

  • company details, such as name, location, address and contacts
  • contact person on the partner's side and contact details of the person
  • terms of payment
  • Incoterms term of delivery
  • data on settlements, liabilities, goods that are a subject of partnership, bank accounts, VAT information etc.

Initial filling of such data is required to simplify processes of sales and purchases in the system.

You may fill in the mentioned information on the Company tab.

Note: Each new business partner is added to the system through the Company directory of CRM module.


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