Update Companies

To update a company’s data
  1. Under the CRM tab, click Company.
  1. On the Company listing page, click a table entry summarizing a company you want to update.
The company opens.
  1. To update the company, click Update.
  1. Modify company details in the fields.
  1. Click Save.
Note: Modifications introduced to company description will be automatically provided in all newly created documents that refer to this company. However, company details specified in existing documents will not get updated. 
Not all company fields can be modified if the company is referred to by a document that has already caused certain transactions. You cannot update the following company details:
  • Company type
Although you cannot change the indicated company type if the company is used in certain transactions, you can additionally select other company types for the company.
Note: Codejig ERP enables to create companies with multiple types.
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