Rearrange Line Items

In various documents or records across the system, you add certain information in the form of line items. For example, goods or services for sale are added as line items in the Items section of an invoice.
Line item is a line structure that contains an item and item details. Line item is comprised of a number of fields, such as quantity, price, total amount, and so on. Line items are displayed in tables. 
You either add line items manually in a specific order, or line items can be added automatically on click of a specific button in certain documents or directories (as is the case with price lists).
In either case, you can rearrange line items added to change the order in which they appear in a table.
To rearrange line items:
1. In the toolbar area above the table containing line items, click the Reorder (pic) button.
2. Select a line item you want to move, click and drag the item above or below other line items.
3. Click Save to save the new order of line items.
If you do not wish changes made to persist, click Cancel. As a result, the original order will be restored, and the reorder mode will be closed.
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