Profitability Report: Default Summarizing

In Codejig ERP, the Profitability report does not provide for full customization (see Customize Reports), meaning that you are not allowed to change default summarizing methods pre-designed for you. Consequently, you can modify neither summable fields nor summarizing functions.
The default summarizing settings are not displayed anywhere and nothing is defined in the values section of the profitability report. Also, you cannot add any fields in the values section as the Select an option box is unavailable.
The Profitability report summarizes data in columns displaying revenues, expenses, gross profits and gross profit margins in the system currency. Summary amounts are displayed in 4 columns such as Revenue, Costs, Gross profit and Gross profit margin at all grouping levels and at the grand total level. The summarizing columns are grouped by years according to the defined grouping methods (see Profitability Report: Default Grouping). The amounts are worked out as follows:
  • Revenue - through the SUM function, summing all incomes from sales of a specific item.
  • Costs - using the SUM function, summing the item’s cost of goods sold expenses.
  • Gross profit - the Custom function, deducting the cost of goods sold from the revenue.
  • Gross profit margin - the Custom function working out the margin in the following way: Gross profit margin = Revenue - COGS / Revenue  
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