Profitability Report: Default Grouping

Grouping by Rows
In the basic Profitability Report, data is grouped by Item, then by Customer, and finally by Account. As a result, a 3-level hierarchy is formed with links between levels being of the parent-child type. To see sublevel details in the generated report, you have to drill down to lower levels.   
The default grouping settings are defined in the rows section of the basic sales report. To define the groupings, the fields have been added by which data in the report has to be grouped by rows. However, you can change the selection of fields and choose how to group data by yourself. For example, you can group data by Customer at the first grouping level to change the perspective of the Profitability report. As a result, you will build a report determining the profitability of your customers, not your goods and services.
For more information about grouping data in reports, see Group Report Data.
To manage grouping settings
1. On the page for configuring report parameters, click the Customize button.
2. In the rows section, view and customize the default groupings as follows:
  • To add fields for grouping, click the Select an option box, and then select a field by which you want to group data from the list of options.
The list displays fields from the selected report type which you can use to group data y rows.
  • To remove fields, click the cross icon next to the field you wish to remove.
Fields for Grouping


Used for grouping profitability data by


Goods and services sold during the specified period of time.

The profitability of each item is determined.


Customers who purchased your goods/services during the defined report date range.

The profitability of each customer is analyzed.


Bookkeeping accounts involved in sales transactions with the customers.


Specified time period within the report date range.

You can group data by:

  • Minute-of-hour
  • Hour-of-day
  • Day-of-week
  • Day-of-month
  • Day-of-year
  • Month-of-year
  • Year

Profit center

A project or a department related to sales transactions with a particular customer or transactions involving specific items. The profitability of the project or department is analyzed.

Grouping by Columns
In the Profitability Report, columns are by default grouped only by Year.  
This grouping by columns is defined in the columns section of the report, and you are allowed to choose how to group data by yourself as in case of the groupings by rows. You do that as follows:
1. On the page for configuring report parameters, click the Customize button.
2. Use the columns section to view and customize the default groupings.
As with groupings by rows, in the columns section, you add fields by which you want to group data. The set of fields available for grouping data by columns is the same as for grouping data by rows.