Create a New Product Assembly Document

To create a new product assembly document

1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Inventory module, and then select Product Assembly.

A listing page of the Product Assembly document opens.

2. On the listing page, click + Add new.

You are taken to a page for defining details of the product assembly document. The page consists of the following sections:

  • General area
  • Goods for asembly section 

3. In the General area, select an item you want to assemble from the list of existing items or create a new one.

4. In the General area, specify inventory details for the item to be assembled: unit of measurement, warehouse and warehouse section (if the use of warehouse sections is allowed in the system) to which it will be allocated, quantity of the item to be assembled.

5. In the Goods for assembly section, add components that make up the item and enter data about them.

6. Click Save.
Note: To be able to save the document, you have to fill in the required fields which are marked with an asterisk (*). 
You have to post the document to affect the inventory and trigger accounting changes in the system. Unposted document is considered a draft document.

For information how to post documents, see Post and Unpost Documents.

To view postings the document has made, click the Register button on the listing page next to a table entry representing this document or click the Registers icon on the toolbar on the form page of the document.

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