Customer Balance Report

The Customer balance report shows each customer’s opening and outstanding balances along with transactions your company had with its customers over a time span covered by the report.
The report displays each customer’s opening balances as of a start date of the report and outstanding balances as of an end date of the report. The total amount of all invoices issued for a given period is calculated for each customer (Amount Dt) as well as the total amount of all invoices paid by the customer and the amount returned to the customer due to credit notes issued (Amount Ct). For each customer, total amounts and balances are sorted/grouped by currencies and are shown in a customer’s currency and in your system currency.
The report retrieves data from the Sales journal.
The basic Customer balance report displays the list of customers who either had some liability as of the report start date or with whom your company has had sales transactions during the report date range. For each customer presented, the report provides further details about accounts involved in sales transactions carried out during the given period. For each account, you can find invoices which triggered transactions being recorded in. To access the mentioned details, you have to navigate the report by drilling down from higher levels of data presentation forming a hierarchy of the report to their sublevels.
Total balances and amounts are displayed at each level of the report hierarchy and at the grand total level. If no data is available for certain levels, nothing is displayed for them.  While moving to sublevels of the report, total amounts and balances are broken down into the amounts comprising the final total of the higher level. 
To go to the Customer Balance report
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Reports tab.
2. Under the Reports tab, click the Sales folder, and then select Customer Balance report.
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