Balance Type: Accounts Section


In this section, you see accounts that are to be presented in your company’s financial statements prepared in accordance with a given balance type. Balance items, if any, under which each account will be displayed in financial statements are shown too.
Since balance type specifies only the format according to which accounts are to be organized in the balance sheet and profit & loss report, you can find all the accounts set up in the chart of account in this section, regardless of a balance type. However, for each account, you will see only those defined balance items that were selected for the given balance type.
For example, for one and the same account different balance items may be specified for different balance types.
For more information about defining balance items for accounts, see Account Details: Balance Items
For particular accounts in which no balance items were selected for a given balance type, you can set them here. To do that, select a balance item under which you would like to display an account from the list of items that belong to this balance type.
In this section, you cannot modify or delete accounts presented. Here you can only view them and set or change selected balance items.  
Note: If you change balance items specified for accounts in this section, they will be also changed in on an account details page.
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