Наша компанія: Загальна секція

Use this area to specify basic company details such as organization name and business ID as well as automatically fill in contact information under the Contacts tab. 

General Area Fields


Used for

Business ID

Enter a business ID number assigned to your company. 

It is a 9-digit number that identifies your company for taxation and banking activities.

Get BIS data

Click the button to automatically provide the following information about your company based on the indicated business ID: organization name, its address, phone number and website address. 

  • On click of the Get BIS data button, the system searches for data about your company by the indicated business ID in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS), retrieves the company data and automatically fills in the fields Organization name, Address fields (Country, City, Street, ZIP code), Phone, Website (the fields are located under the Contacts tab).

Organization name

Specify your company name.

  • It is a required field. If you do not provide a name for the company, you will not be able to save it.
  • Upon entering your business ID, you can automatically fill in this field by clicking the Get BIS data button. 


Upload a logo of your company.