Manually Manage Foreign Currency Revaluation


To manually trigger a foreign currency revaluation, you have to create a new revaluation document and post it.
To create a revaluation document
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Accountant module, and then select Revaluation.
A listing page of the Foreign Currency Revaluation document opens.
2. On the listing page, click + Add new.
You are taken to a page for entering details of a new revaluation document. The page consists only of the General area. 
3. Enter a date of revaluation.
4. Click Save. 
Note: To be able to save the document, you have to fill in the required fields which are marked with an asterisk (*).

You have to post the document for the changes to take effect in the system. The unposted document is considered a draft document.

For information how to post documents, see Post and Unpost Documents.

To view postings the document has made, click the Register button on the listing page next to a table entry representing this document or click the Registers icon on the toolbar on the form page of the document.

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