Core 4.36 Lybid - 18.11.2022

New features:

  • API: partial modification via PATCH request method
  • Web page view: combine a table view in desktop mode and a card view in mobile for the same collection of items
  • CJ Blocks: limit and skip options in query blocks
  • JSON view: choice of default, generated, or specific view for non-primitive fields

Fixes and improvements:

  • User accounts: local login redirect URL fix
  • Navigation: back button fix for cases with parent CJ tab closed
  • JSON view: deserialization of a new non-primitive subfield value
  • Web page editor: right panel with scroll issue
  • Cards: selection checkbox issues
  • Date and time: the issue of an old value used on save when the date-time-picker value is set to null
  • CJ Blocks: make filter block variable renaming
  • Embedded collections: item with dynamic field clone on client
  • Filters: very long table and URL filter values