Core 4.35 Taira - 17.10.2022

New features:

  • Card view: open on click functionality
  • Table editor: advanced modal window parameters
  • Dropdown options: do not show not accessible items
  • App navigation: dynamic routes
  • Collection of references: rowLoad action support
  • JSON view: basic support

Fixes and improvements:

  • Merge tool: API function names, builder instance project conflict resolution
  • Documents: save and post performance, apply and relieve hidden buttons
  • File storage: temporary files and permanent storage quota
  • CJ Blocks: get string with formatter and language, comparison of fetch and get based object references
  • Notifications: MS Edge related bugs, simple send message function
  • Card view: sorting and multiple action issues
  • Users: local login error
  • API calls: validation messages
  • Table filters: custom filters defined programmatically
  • Menu: CJ block cache