System names

System names allow you to create a readable reference to a data type. The default system name is a unique ID assigned during creation (like 2500000024117643203). System names are used in the templates generation or to quickly find a data type in the code blocks.

The system name is defined on the Data type details page. It can be specified for any existing field. But the scope of a System name is the data type where the name was assigned. For example, if you add a System name order to the Order field of the Customer data type, that system name order will be visible only inside the Customer data type and not any other. To access it, you should use customer.order syntax (assuming that Customer type has customer system name).

To set a system name of a data type, click on the three dots near the data type and select the Edit system name option.

To edit system names of existing fields:

To show a System names column on the data type details page, put a tick near "SYSTEM NAME" on the top-right corner of the Fields section: