Why can’t I enter data into the inputs in the Web pages editor?

John tries to enter some values into the fields in the Web pages editor directly. He clicks on the Name field but the Properties panel is opened instead.

John failed because he doesn’t know that in the Web pages editor you only create fields. In order to use them, he should have saved the page, then published an app and used it!

As a developer, you have to distinguish App Builder from Application. Generally, in the App Builder you create and style web pages, add code logic, and a lot of other things. Then you have to Publish it. After doing so, from the Application web site you can use the interface to save your data.

A newly created pages is automatically added to the menu, index page shows all the entries related to that type.

If you click “Add new” on the table, you will be redirected to your Web page, with the interface you have created. Enter the data here and do not forget to save the page at the end.