Getting Started with Codejig Builder

Codejig Builder is a low-code web development platform that is used both to develop standalone web applications and customize Codejig ERP. As a web development environment it has a few distinctive features that set it apart from ubiquitous web development software:

  • rapid application development tools and code-first domain modeling
  • automatic generation of programming code and user interface
  • CJ blocks - simple, strongly typed, block-based visual language. Besides of professional developers, it is meant to be used by citizen developers, IT personnel or any IT literate computer user. CJ blocks translates for server-side or browser-side execution depending on the context.
  • interoperability with Java and JavaScript mainstream programming languages for professional software developers
  • browser based - no installation or plugins are required

As a customization tool it gives administrators of Codejig ERP the ability to extend the ERP functionality on the scale and with ease - unprecedented in the business and accounting software.

The guide is aimed at helping you understand how to use Codejig Builder.

Getting started presents general information about Codejig Builder main concepts and explains user interface.

To start using the system, you have to sign up for Codejig Builder. If you have already signed up, you need to sign into the system.

For instructions how to sign up or sign in, see Sign up / Sign in.