Getting Started with Codejig Builder

Codejig Builder is a low-code web development platform used to develop standalone web applications and customize Codejig ERP.

As a web development environment, it has a few distinctive features that set it apart from ubiquitous web development software:

  1. Rapid application development tools and code-first domain modeling.
  2. Automatic generation of programming code and user interface.
  3. CJ blocks - simple, strongly typed block-based visual language. Besides professional developers, it is meant to be used by citizen developers, IT personnel, or any IT literate computer user. CJ blocks translate for server-side or browser-side execution depending on the context.
  4. Interoperability with Java and JavaScript mainstream programming languages for professional software developers.
  5. Browser-based - no installation or plugins are required.

As a customization tool, it gives administrators of Codejig ERP the ability to extend the ERP functionality on a scale and with ease - unprecedented in the business and accounting software.

Getting started resources

A few resources to help you get started:


Our docs won't be able to cover everything, so if you have any issues, don't hesitate to ask for help on the codejig support website.