Method of Delivery

Delivery method is a method of transporting goods to your customers or from your vendors. In general, the following delivery methods are singled out: road transportation, rail transportation, sea transportation, and air transportation, each method being characterized by a specific means of transportation. 

In Codejig ERP, delivery methods serve informational purposes only, they are not represented in any journal entries and do not have any inventory or accounting impact. 

Since, at the moment, the Logistics module is not available in Codejig ERP, delivery methods are not incorporated in the wider logistics model but are integrated with other parameters pertinent to the delivery management that can be specified in sales and purchase documents (Incoterms, Destination). 

In Codejig ERP, you can specify default delivery methods for your customers or vendors. You can do that through the Customer directory. There you can select a delivery method pre-defined in the system or create a new delivery method. 

Note: The Delivery method directory is inaccessible through the Main menu. You can go to it via the Customer directory by clicking the Create new option in the list of the Method of delivery field. 

Default delivery methods selected for particular customers and vendors will be provided automatically in all sales/purchase documents where a specific customer/vendor will be selected in the respective field. However, you will be able to change the autocompleted delivery method if necessary.

To go to the Delivery method directory

1. Go to the page for creating a new company (in the Company directory).

2. In the General area, specify a company type (Customer, Vendor or both). 

3. Under the Accounting tab, locate the Method of delivery field, and then open the field list by clicking an arrow next to the field. 

4. On the list, click the Create new option. 

A new tab opens in your browser. You are taken to a form page for defining a new method of delivery. Meanwhile, the page from which you accessed this form remains open in another tab. Information entered in it is not saved automatically.

You also can go to the Delivery method directory through other Method of delivery fields available in sales and purchase documents. 


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